Amanda Kealy

GCFP Feldenkrais practitioner

Mandy Kealy has been a dedicated student and teacher of human movement and function for more than 20 years. Already an internationally esteemed Yoga and Polestar Pilates instructor, Mandy graduated as a Guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner in 2009 after completing 4 years of study, followed by several years of advanced training with several of the Method’s most senior teachers, including Feldenkrais’s own assistant Mia Segal.

Mandy is also a Bones for Life Practitioner, a specialism developed by senior Feldenkrais trainer Ruthy Alon, and since 2016, has specialist certification in infant and child development as a ChildSpace practitioner, as taught by Dr Chava Shelhav.

” I am inspired by the possibilities for rapid adaptation that the human brain clearly demonstrates, and the opportunity for realised potential through enhanced self awareness. Everybody has the capacity to improve, and discover the best version of themselves, regardless of age or condition”

More About Mandy

A highly regarded Feldenkrais practitioner, with years of experience working as a full time practitioner, Mandy has helped thousands of people, from all around the world, to improve the quality of their lives.

Having herself suffered a serious spinal injury following a diving accident in 2012, Mandy learned first hand how it is to suffer and then recover from a debilitating trauma. She credits this experience, and her subsequent journey to recovery for imparting a depth of understanding and sensitivity that has informed her teaching greatly.

Mandy is known and appreciated for her warm, relaxed and humorous teaching style, and for her skill in being able to communicate her depth of knowledge easily and clearly. Her international client base includes celebrity performers, business leaders, UN delegates, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, infants and children with special needs, and countless people just like you, who simply desire to move more freely and feel better, for a more fulfilling life.

When not running her busy practice at The Movement Clinic in Phuket, or hosting her own workshops and retreats, Mandy teaches at seminars and destination spas throughout Asia, and beyond.

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