Awareness Through Movement ®

What is Awareness Through Movement?

Everything we do in life involves sensation and movement. Therefore, if we move better, we inevitably feel better. There exists many lessons known as Awareness Through Movement. As the name suggests, these lessons help cultivate a keener self-awareness. Verbally guided through a series of gentle movements, we examine the quality with which we move and the way each part of us moves and relates to the rest of our bodies. This sensory feedback immediately reorganises our nervous system to direct our bodies with greater intelligence. This effects immediate change to the way you stand, move and feel.

Awareness Through Movement ® (or ATM) lessons are usually taught to a group of people. Participants are either sitting or lying on a comfortable floor mat. A typical class involves following simple movement instructions performed slowly and gently. Movements are performed within each person’s range of comfort. The movement sequences are structured in a way that creates a neuro-muscular re-education using awareness and sensory feedback to reorganise the nervous system to improved function. The lessons support rehabilitation from injury,  relief from chronic pain, restoration of lost movement, and increased creativity through learning to perceive, sense, and think outside your normal habits.

Awareness Through Movement lessons

  • Reduce pain and tension in the body, and teach you how to prevent or recover from a multitude of injuries and ailments
  • Enhance your sense of ease and comfort to improve the quality of your daily life
  • Improve your flexibility and coordination to improve your chosen sports, such as golf, and exercise routines like Yoga or Pilates
  • Learn to become more aware of the conditions that can create injury and strategies to avoid doing so
  • Connect your whole self – body and mind – more efficiently in order to cultivate a deeper self-awareness for personal confidence
  • Reduce excess effort and bank energy for greater vitality.


The movements are very subtle, gentle and relaxing, and they never need to be painful. Anyone, at any level, can do them and benefit, from accomplished athletes to people who live more sedentary lifestyles. From the first lesson, most people feel an instant change: in general, they stand taller, are more flexible, feel lighter, and more grounded.

Lessons are designed to reduce pain and tension, and improve flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and focus in an easy and pleasurable way. They’re for anyone yearning to move and live more gracefully, efficiently, and sustainably.

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