Private lessons in Functional Integration

“He’s not just pushing muscles around. He’s changing things in the brain itself so that the patient can gradually adjust his whole muscular dysfunction to what we call normal image…Feldenkrais transmits the image, and you organize your brain to meet it.”   – Karl Pribram, World-famous Neuroscientist

Individual lessons are known as Functional Integration are the most direct and specific way to experience the Method. Tailored to each persons unique needs, these treatments improve your neuromuscular and skeletal organisation, and your functional ability to move with ease, helping to resolve many types of painful or limiting conditions, from back, knee, shoulder and neck pain, to chronic headache, tension, postural and mobility issues, including conditions that create spasticity.

“The aim is a body that is organised to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but increased awareness of how it works”

Not limited to those suffering injury, pain, and loss of function, Functional Integration lessons will benefit anybody who wishes to refine, enhance and improve their physical performance.

Athletes, artists, musicians and performers of all types, gain significant advantage through neuromuscular reorganisation. From the house bound to the office bound Feldenkrais lessons allow students to improve anything that relates to movement balance and posture.

A Feldenkrais lesson addresses the whole person – not just the symptom – and reorganises the nervous system for improved function throughout.

Consequently, the lessons are also ideal for helping those who suffer with stress or anxiety. Deeply calming, the lessons provide a safe learning environment to unravel chronic holding patterns of tension and emotion. Students develop keener self awareness of their unique response patterns to stress, and experience a calmer and more resilient internal state.

“What I’m after is not flexible bodies, but rather, flexible brains”  – Dr Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-84)

Each lesson is pleasant and effortless, and experienced fully clothed, while lying on a low comfortable table. Guided by gentle, non-invasive touch, you will learn how to move with a more efficient pattern of action that relates to the function you wish to improve. Many different movement variations are explored in a slow, gentle manner that directly educates the nervous system how to co-ordinate intention and action more harmoniously.

Students have described their sensations during lessons as pleasurable, deeply relaxing, and fascinating. By sensing and learning to feel, first passively, and then with intention, a healthier and easier pattern of movement, pain is often immediately alleviated, and flexibility enhanced, revealing an often striking improvement to posture. Improved efficiency in movement offers greater economy of effort and a significant uplift in vitality and well-being.

Tailored lessons help everyone realise their potential to feel lighter, more confident, and freer.  Importantly, lessons provide lasting strategies. The majority of students find lessons not only intriguing, but profound, and generally life changing.

“Having struggled with chronic back pain and bad posture for close to 20 years, this was a revelation. After just one session with Mandy my back was realigned, my neck was put back in its correct place, my shoulders no longer caved in and my weight was redistributed through my heels as opposed to my toes (which had become claw like). Two months on and I am still experiencing the benefits. The nasty ache in my neck and mid back are a thing of the past. This is a truly remarkable therapy practised by the highly proficient Mandy. I couldn’t recommend it more.” – Lidya Danon

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