Feldenkrais For Athletes and Performers

“Make the impossible possible,
the easy effortless, and the effortless elegant’”

‘The Feldenkrais exercises are ingenious” Yehudi Menuhin, Famed violinist

“Making the impossible possible, the easy effortless, and the effortless elegant” Moshe Feldenkrais

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your game, an actor, dancer, or musician, your body is the instrument by which you most effectively express yourself in the world. In order to have mastery with a sport, or playing an instrument, or even longevity in your art, it is essential to use yourself well.

Just as Mozart’s genius was to understand instinctively and intuitively how music is structured and flows, so was it Feldenkrais’ genius that he understood the processes by which the human brain learns, and the formula to turn on the brain’s learning switch.

Feldenkrais capitalises on the principle that all human movement is acquired learning, as unique to each individual as a thumbprint, and that we all posses a lifelong ability to learn.

In fact, there is very little that we do, that hasn’t at one point, been learned.  This uniquely human quality is what distinguishes us from animals, most of which rely heavily upon instinct to ensure their survival. You don’t get a lot of inept cats!

Unfortunately humans can be somewhat less than expert in their self-use, often manifesting clumsy or poorly co-ordinated action.

“Five months ago I discovered Feldenkrais in Thailand with Mandy Kealy, and a profound discovery it was. I had just completed a four year contract working as a performer with Cirque du Soleil. While a truly incredible experience, the sheer physicality of the work had left me with fairly serious nerve injury. Trying many treatments and therapies proved fruitless, until I met Mandy. Mandy and Feldenkrais were life changing for me. For the first time my nerve pain began to settle. Mandy taught me ways to deal with pain attacks, to move differently, and to trust my body again. I could never have come this far without Mandy. She is such a strong, warm and wise woman, for me, a true inspiration!”

It is very difficult to become an expert. We all know that there is usually a plateau in learning that stops at ‘just good enough’. Indeed, we might all learn to ride a bike, but few will ever develop the skill level necessary to compete in the Tour de France, for example.
If only we were all provided an ‘owner’s operating manual’ for the body, each time we wished to improve at something!
Feldenkrais lessons are exactly this manual. Targeted lessons provide the necessary missing pieces of information required for your nervous system to refine your self –use, beyond the habitual, and into the skilful.

Musicians learn to how to connect with their instruments as an extension of their bodies, actors, dancers and models refine their self-awareness and increased movement vocabulary for greater creative expression. Athletes learn how to organise their bodies the way that nature intended, fine tuning the way their brains recruit muscles for action, enhancing performance, and reducing the risk of injury.
“The Feldenkrais Method has allowed me to play pain free golf, without worrying about injury.” Duffy Waldorf, PGA Tour Golfer

If you suffer from back pain, a stiff or sore neck, shoulder pain, or even pain or dysfunction in the knees, you would likely benefit from the neural reorganisation of your basic movement patterns in a Feldenkrais lesson.

For more information, please contact me to discuss how I can help you with your individual needs and concerns, to move out of pain, and back into action!

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