Feldenkrais For Infants and Children

Because all children are special!

Child’Space is an infant and child specific Feldenkrais program designed for both typically, and atypically developing children. 

Fostering a deeper connection and communication between child and parent, the lessons demonstrate how speech, touch, rhythm, song, facial expression, and movement can be applied as tools to stimulate their child’s development pathways.

Learning about each stage of development deepens parents’ insight to their baby’s needs, and provides solid tools to help them best support with their infant’s smooth development.

It is especially valuable for children who need support to develop their skills within the greater context of healthy development; children with structural problems such as scoliosis, or chronic joint pain, to those with more severe movement limitations, or developmental delays. Conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, as well as conditions on the autism spectrum can greatly benefit from the lessons.

Child’Space is based on principles from  the Feldenkrais model that specifically stimulate the neuroplasticity required for the acquisition of the foundation blocks of all human movement, following the normal processes of development from birth to 3 years of age.

 A Child’Space practitioner is equipped to assist children and their families towards a deeper communication and understanding and connection with each other. The parent is taught by the practitioner how to elicit the learning their child seeks at the appropriate moment using toys and a gentle guided touch. The lessons provide the parents with a strong foundation upon which to develop their own confidence and intuition with their children.

Parents of children with cognitive or motor difficulties are empowered to learn the understanding and hands on skills and normally administered by a therapist so that they can be increasingly autonomous as a family.

Child’Space sets the conditions through interaction, gentle touch and play, for natural organic learning. Gentle and non-invasive, these lessons are for the child a curious and pleasant learning experience which most babies and children thoroughly enjoy.

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