Jessica Peeters, Cirque De Soleil

“Five months ago I discovered Feldenkrais in Thailand with Mandy Kealy, and a profound discovery it was. I had just completed a four year contract working as a performer with Cirque du Soleil. While a truly incredible experience, the sheer physicality of the work had left me with fairly serious nerve injury. Trying many treatments and therapies proved fruitless, until I met Mandy. Mandy and Feldenkrais were life changing for me. For the first time my nerve pain began to settle. Mandy taught me ways to deal with pain attacks, to move differently, and to trust my body again. I could never have come this far without Mandy. She is such a strong, warm and wise woman, for me, a true inspiration!”
– Performer, Cirque De Soleil

Lydia Danon

“WOW: having struggled with chronic back pain and bad posture for close to 20 years, this was a revelation. After just one session with Mandy my back was realigned, my neck was put back in its correct place, my shoulders no longer caved in and my weight was redistributed through my heels as opposed to my toes (which had become claw like). Two months on and I am still experiencing the benefits. The nasty ache in my neck and mid back are a thing of the past. This is a truly remarkable therapy practised by the highly proficient Mandy. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Sandra Leichum

“It works wonders. Mandy is a phenomenal practitioner who will show you unknown parts of your self (image) that will surprise you. The work with her has improved my life beyond my belief. SO I Think you should go see her for a lesson… You’ll never look back!”

Thomas Higgs

“Anyone who frequently goes to the gym will benefit with Feldenkrais. I don’t suffer from any injuries but with an active lifestyle I was curious to see what this method could offer. Sure enough I was generally “tense” and my body was not “functioning efficiently”. Mandy will help your joints restore its full range of motion and bring your muscles to work coherently. On top of this, there’s also a physiological aspect/improvement, which is a real eye opener. You really do feel the gains both mind and body!”

Mia Gillow

“I absolutely recommend the Movement Clinic to absolutely anyone, even if you do not think you have a problem, you will be amazed at even the smallest things that you can improve in your posture and every day movements to help your overall being. Seeing Mandy made a huge difference and helped me learn how I can make small changes that really helped my very bad back pain I had been suffering with for months…just from one session. But even though I feel back to normal, I will still see her because I know there is more I can do to change bad little habits and ways of moving just from everyday life and activity.”

Maxime Drouin

“Exercising has always been my passion. Over the past 20 years, I have played all kinds of sports including competitive sports, such as squash and tennis, and non-competitive sports, such as Muay Thai boxing, cycling, rock climbing, trail running, swimming, yoga, and weightlifting. I have also completed many long-distance expeditions, including cycling across Asia from Turkey to China (10,000 km), across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal (5,000 km), and across Alaska from Anchorage to Banff (3,500 km).

I had my first serious injury in 2008 while cycling across Asia. My Achilles tendon snapped, and I completed the expedition by taking heavy doses of painkillers. In 2010, I ruptured three ligaments in my right ankle while trail running, which ultimately led to body misalignment and other serious pain. Then, in 2012, while lifting weights, I incurred a slipped disk on L4. Following these three injuries, I lost about 90 percent of my athletic abilities.

These three (3) injuries caused several problems in the affected leg, including loss of neurological connection between the muscles from the ankle and upper calf – leading to misalignment of the foot, knee, and hip. It also caused collateral problems in the rest of my body structure such as recurrent pelvic displacement and serious back pain. I spent enormous amounts of time and money working with world-class therapists, including a sports doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, and many other “alternative therapists.”
Unfortunately, none of these therapies helped me recover fully enough to resume my passion for high-intensity sports.

I then discover Mandy from the Movement Clinics that practice the Feldenkrais rehabilitation method. After only six (6) sessions, I had more enormous improvement in both my posture and general mobility, and I am now 100% sure that I will be back on a tennis and squash court very soon ! The Feldenkrais method is gentle and non-invasive, and succeed to quickly connect all body part together – in a similar manner of what you achieve in Yoga or Taiji after several months of practice. Mandy is definitely a “game changer” – anyone that want verbal feedback can contact me directly.

Thanks Mandy – you’re the BEST!”

Svetlana Vorotnikova

“Shame on me, but I never heard about Feldenkrais method before I met Mandy in my life. I had no idea how this can help with my scoliosis. I just thought «oh, ok something new, I will try» And I was surprised but even after my first session it was like a my brain was switched and helped to my body to work different.

And this is the paradox but she working not with the body, she working with the brain, but through the body without any words. And you can see the changing in this both aspects of your life. Highly recommend for anyone.

I love you Mandy! Thank you so much!”

Anthony Wantanabe

“Mandy, you have given my wife, my boys and me the greatest gift of all: healing now and a new journey of learning for how to stay healthy in the future.

I continue to have more strength and flexibility and less pain every day. And of course, much more awareness of my body mechanics.

After four months of increasingly debilitating pain in my lower back and legs, I was seriously considering surgery in January. As you know, I had tried all manner of treatments including ultrasound, physio, osteopathy, acupuncture and most recently steroid injection.

I was barely getting by with a series of pills to deal with the pain and inflammation, often with side effects on par with the actual pain they were meant to treat.

After just one session with you just before Christmas, I knew surgery would no longer be necessary. The following two sessions not only helped with pain relief, but gave me a sense of what I could become in terms of improved functional movement.

I have regained my sense of self, my sense of joy and the optimistic outlook which is my natural state.

I cannot thank you enough.”

Mei-Lin Kong

“I was so fortunate to be able to see Mandy while traveling in Thailand. My experience with her was life changing. Not only was the physical improvement dramatic with each session, what left the greatest mark on my progress was her honesty and ability to communicate the process of what she was doing and how it worked. She is an extremely dynamic and generous teacher with constant positive reinforcement. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has done for me and all the insight she has given me. Mandy is truly AMAZING!”

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