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The Feldenkrais Method® Specialist movement lessons to relieve pain, improve function, and enhance performance, for infants, adults and seniors.

A Feldenkrais practitioner with a busy full-time practice, Mandy Kealy helps many people from all over the world, and from all walks of life, teaching from her Movement Clinic in the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand and at workshops, retreats and host centers internationally.

Anybody of any age or condition can benefit from The Feldenkrais Method. Whether you wish to improve a limitation, enhance your performance, or simply wish to feel more comfortable in yourself, the lessons will help you move and feel better, and enjoy your life more.

“The Feldenkrais method is the most extraordinary way of enhancing human function I have encountered, able to effect remarkable improvement in a wide range of neuro-muscular conditions from cerebral palsy, brain injury and stroke, to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Yet the Feldenkrais method is not a therapy, but rather activates a way of learning that involves the brain and the entire self”

Dr Walter Witryol, John Hopkins School of Medicine.


–  Phuket, Thailand

Movement Clinic Phuket

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process
and you improve the quality of life itself.”    – Dr Moshe Feldenkrais

- Mandy

“We all desire and deserve to feel health and vitality.
This is why I am here and what I can help you achieve.
Learn to feel better, learn to move easier, learn to live freer”

So what is Feldenkrais and how is it Taught?

Feldenkrais is a unique learning strategy that uses movement to organise the nervous system for improvement in the way you look, act and feel. Developed by physicist Dr Moshe Feldenkrais in the 1940’s, the Feldenkrais method® is based on changing the way the brain is coded for movement and function.

Feldenkrais lessons reveal and re-pattern your most limiting or even harmful muscular habits, allowing for relief of chronic aches and pains through more efficient patterns of movement and thought. Stress, stiffness and pain are replaced with ease and comfort. Mental anxiety gives way to profound calm and clarity.

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